Group Getaways Baja Style-The entire property is all yours!

Meet your Hosts

Meet daughter-mother team, Shaina and Lesley.
It has been our life long dream to have an event venue in Mexico. Why?
So we could do something we love every single day.
Be 100% Authentic.
No longer suffer working in a stuffy corporate environment.
Help others enjoy life, grow and expand....
So we gathered up all the cool skills we had learned over the years working for the establishment.
Made a profound change.
And here we are.
We can't wait to meet you.

How it all Began

As travel lovers, we took group trips every year, visiting many locations! We lead a yoga retreat in Bali Indonesia.
And then a group retreat in Rishikesh India.
The dream to live on vacation every day grew and grew.
Now, we are dedicated to creating the venue for others to enjoy life and experience phenomenal change and growth.


Shaina is a world traveler and lifelong spiritual seeker. Prior to moving to Mexico, Shaina worked as a Human Resource professional and corporate trainer for 12 years in the hospitality, healthcare, and manufacturing industries. Although she was very successful in her career, she always had this nagging feeling that something was missing from her life. She felt like there had to be more to life, something she could do that would leave her feeling a sense of higher purpose and connection to her authentic self.

In 2018, Shaina woke up one morning with a deep knowing that she had to make a change. On the outside, it looked like she was happy, but on the soul level she was drowning. It was then that she took a chance and followed her heart, not her head, for the first time in her life. She left her unhealthy marriage, quit her professional career, and packed her bags and headed to Mexico with an inner knowing that it would be a place to heal and find herself again.In Cabo, Shaina worked as an event planner which she enjoyed very much, it was a lot of fun and allowed her to meet many people. But her higher self was not content with her lifestyle, and was guiding her do more meaningful work. At that point she felt very lost, depressed, and hopeless; this profound grief was overwhelming and she hit her rock bottom. Determined to find happiness again, she dove headfirst into her wounds and her spirituality. As a result, she had a profound spiritual awakening that changed who she was. She realized that we are not our thoughts or feelings, we are not what happens to us; that life is beautiful and by living in the present moment you can truly embrace life’s abundance.

Pure Baja Suites & Retreats is the manifestation of living in gratitude and following that inner guidance. This new path has allowed her to continue to learn and grow while helping others. Shaina is delighted to meet each and every one of you and hopes to support you on your life journey


Lesley raised 3 amazing children and worked for a large Fortune 500 manufacturing company for 20 years as an HR Manager, Organization Effectiveness Consultant, Improvement Facilitator,  and Leadership competency Trainer. Lesley is renowned in the area of developing empowered high performance work teams. She had a very successful career and she had everything a person could want, yet there was so much missing. FREEDOM! Working for corporate America was stifling and stressful. She learned that work was a distraction that was blocking fulfillment, true happiness and joy. This started her journey of self-discovery. 

She studied meditation, yoga, enlightenment, intuition, creating abundance, Reiki, healing past wounds, and breathwork. She mastered the ability to quiet her mind. She found inner joy for the first time in her life. She longed to share what she had learned with others so she studied and received her 500 hour certification as a Yoga Teacher Trainer and opened a yoga studio in Traverse City Michigan which she had for 6 years. She went on, and lead numerous self discovery retreats. And eventually, the answer came. To live in bliss everyday answering to no one but herself. SO SHE QUIT HER CORPORATE JOB! When Shaina, her daughter and best friend,  moved to Mexico  they found the perfect venue for living like you’re on vacation everyday. So the mother daughter team sold everything and bought a property and developed it into a Boutique Hotel and Event Space in El Pescadero Mexico. Lesley welcomes you with open arms to take a break from whatever you are doing and come find what makes your heart happy.

Get away from it all and come to Mexico

Daughter-Mother team, Shaina and Lesley will host every aspect of your stay to ensure you have an amazing, Pure Baja  getaway. Let us know what we can do. We look forward to it.

Contact us

For any inquiries please email

Carretera Federal 19, KM 64, Barrio Las Palmitas, 23300, El Pescadero, Baja California Sur, Mexico

WhatsApp, Text, or Call +52-612-213-4653

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